What is mameCoin?

Hi! My name is Oyadori and I live in the Philipiines. Me and my son are making a blog about crypto coin. Instead of me making the report, my son made it this time. Sorry to say, with the limited details and references given to us, we are’nt 100% confident with our article. Thank you for all viewers reading our article!


What is mameCoin?

Cryptocurrency only became a trend after a couple of years. With the booming prices of the coins such as Bitcoin, we all have that guilt of regret that we didn’t buy them sooner. Buying them right now would still be nice, but it’s still not advisable because of the skyrocketing prices in those Coins. The prices on well-known Coins might go down incredibly high and might end up losing the money you spent.

Booming coins we know today doesn’t end there, as new coins emerge and join in the virtual currency market. These new coins are growing and getting more attention. There is one particular coin created by a Japanese with a promising future; and that is mameCoin.

Hearing this coin new is understandable as it was created and awaiting to be listed after a few months! Hashiguchi Akira, the CEO of mameCoin, created this for one purpose; to help others. As a child, Akira dreamed of creating the most gentle coin— the coin that will give others a smile. It all started when he received a pack of jelly beans. He saw the uniqueness and possibilities of each bean and he asked himself, “How can I make everyone in a diverse community like this pack of jelly beans, smile?”

He then became a promoter and started fulfilling his project naming it mameCoin. He
researched and found out that Japan spend a whopping 750 billion yen last 2015 on virtual currency. As his motive in his Coin is to make everyone smile, he then thought that he could use virtual currency, as a way to donate. If 750 billion yen was spent and let’s say 4% of the population donated using virtual currency, donated money would’ve cost up to 30 billion! These donated money will be used on related natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and outbreaks. If you’re all wondering if the coins you bought are forced to be donated, it is only highly recommended. Donating isn’t a bad deal actually, as you can earn it back from the growing value of the coin.

MameCoin has provided a Smart Contract System to be used when donating. Nowadays, we sometimes can’t reach out and help them maybe because some of us are too far. With this system, we could now donate using mameCoin through donation organizations and they’ll do the rest for us. This could also reduce Anxiety and the process is way more secure than handing out cash.

As of now, mameCoin is increasing its awareness, its community and expecting an overseas listing exchange by September. New updates will be announced soon. As of now, mameCoin is leading towards a bright future and might even spark the day when virtual currency is used more commonly.

The new coin’s journey awaits.


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Let’s Join mameCoin Discord Server!

Discord - ゲーマー向けチャットシステム

Discord – ゲーマー向けチャットシステム




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    (2018-07-24 - 14:52)

    Good summary of mameCoin WP.
    I understand It’s hard to write like this summary by second language.
    I think cooperation between you and your son makes big result!
    Looking forward to reading the next article!


      (2018-07-25 - 12:52)

      Thank you Yandy for reading our article 😀 Our next article will be about the Block Chain, stay tuned!


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