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The world was invisible so I couldn’t join. And in order not to create additional problems for myself – because of my desire to feel it – I did not return to the city, even though I knew that a new gift was waiting for me there. I stood there for several hours, I did not want to leave and I wanted people not to see me and leave. I listened to strange sounds, human voices, screams. These sounds, in fact, were not only sound, but also many images – people, objects and all that …
But they are gone. And I stayed, I don’t know how much time passed. Only when I noticed that I was falling asleep did I realize that I had fallen asleep right in the snow. I did not know how old I was now, night or day, but I felt really very good. I remember waking up and seeing a man sitting next to me. I reached out and held out my hand to him.
He jumped up so quickly that I did not have time to react, and only managed to make out his hands – large and rough, short fingers. He grabbed my wrist with his hand and said in broken English:
– You have to drink.
— What is it? I asked. – You can also try?
I think I’ve been drinking. And now I want more.
Barefoot, trembling, I again wandered through the snow-covered forest. I was wearing a long robe.
Suddenly, a man appeared right in front of me. He half laughed, half laughed himself. But it looked more like it.
I looked back. Behind me and a little further away stood another man who looked like a homeless man. And one more. And further. They smiled, nodded at me and offered me a drink.
I was scared. How can you be afraid of such people? They were kind and beautiful people. I stood and licked my lips, watching their faces. And they smiled and showed me the same hands as mine – of course, these were not my hands, but the same big, rough and long fingers. And they walked towards me.
Well, I asked myself. And as they approached me, I fell to my knees with my hands outstretched.
A man in a bathrobe leaned over me, and I saw that he was not an adult at all. He was tall and very young. He said:
– Hey. We don’t have to do anything.
And I thought that if it was a small child, I would probably be able to pick up






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