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James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams. based on the novels of Ian McEwan, a story about life without superfluous words.The main character is an eleven-year-old girl named Millie.One day, after returning home from school, she sees a note on the wall: “Millie, I love you.” Thus begins a new story about love and loneliness, which will help you look at the world around you with different eyes.The Sound of Music / Silent SoundAnother film from the famous director Martin Scorsese, written by the author himself.The main roles were played by Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt.What could be better than just relaxing in a cozy armchair, enjoy the moment and immerse yourself in a world of fiction where reality and fantasy merge into one.The two main characters, two men sitting opposite each other at a table in a restaurant, discuss their problems ems. Suddenly, one of them falls silent. On the Verge / Forbidden Range A melodrama featuring the magnificent Melanie Griffith and Anthony Hopkins. Young cop Jack Richmond faces the death penalty by mistake. To avoid a fatal outcome, he must force women to voluntarily donate blood. For this, Jack decides to use an illegal trick. Instead of a birthday / The Holiday Here is a story about how to cook a holiday treat out of love for your neighbor and human warmth. For the sake of their friends Carol and Janice Perry, who have no family, the girls decide on a desperate step – they give each other expensive things for the holidays. Maggie’s Birthday / The Day of the Mother On Christmas Eve, college teacher Matt Fletcher receives a mysterious letter from six-year-old Maggie, in which the girl asks to cancel all plans for the holiday. Matt is sure it’s a prank, but Maggie insists on it. What to do? Winter Montage / The Christmas Montage In the center of the plot of the picture is a married couple who had a wedding on Christmas Eve. After a magical evening spent with the family, discord begins between the spouses. They decide to spend a few weeks apart and mend their relationship. Each of them had a long-awaited child this year. Gift for Christmas / To Catch a Patch They have known each other for only a couple of weeks, and every day their life is filled with new emotions and events. How long can they keep their relationship? Is it possible to recognize each other without words? What binds these people into a single happy and multifaceted world? Confirm






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