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Dark 1: the main character is a white panther sitting on a stone in the forest
Dark 2: the main character is a girl with short black hair wandering through the forest with some kind of object in her hands
Dark 3: the main role is a tramp girl in torn clothes
Dark 4: the main idea is a story about dark lone heroes
Dark 5: the main enemies to defeat are freaks, mages and spirits of the forest
Dark 6: the main target is a girl who came to the forest for some reason
Dark 7: the main characters are several men in black
Dark 8: the main villain is a fascist dressed in black
Dark 9: the main planet is the Moon
Dark 10: the main laws are superstition and prejudice
Dark 11: the main story is an adventure, related to magic
Dark 12: the world in which the action takes place – a world with creatures on the verge of extinction
Dark 13: Dress Uniform – Black Suit
Dark 14: the main idea is a first-person story about fear
Dark 15: the setting is the moon, the forest and the city
Dark 16: the main character is a girl
Dark 17: Main Technique – Potions
Dark 18: Journey is the genre of this story
Dark 19: the main world is mysterious, but at the same time bright
Dark 20: the player is the protagonist
Dark 21: the hero is a human or other intelligent being, a demigod with superpowers
Dark 22: the main rules – you can kill, otherwise the hero will die
Dark 23: The Book – Main Narrative
Dark 24: The Beginning – Contents of the Entire Book
Dark 25: the main subject in the book is potions, magic, weapons
Dark 26: the main image is the main character
Dark 27: place and action – this world (planet)
Dark 28: the plan is the scene
Dark 29: Characters – Hero Squad
Dark 30: the mage is the main villain, endowed with power and able to change reality
Dark 31: magic is the main subject of this world
Dark 32: the hero, his targets are the heroine
Dark 33: vampires, werewolves – the main enemies
Dark 34: the village where the events unfold – forest, city
dark 35: love is the main image of love in this storyDark 36: Ordinary Guy – Chief Sage
Dark 37: an unusual place – a strange world unfamiliar to the hero
Dark 38: nature is the main background of this story, making it clear



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