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Bengali actress Swastika Mukherjee Hot kiss scene with Jeet from the Bengali film Kranti.
38. French actress, star of the French cinema – Vanitas Paterson.
39. In the movie “Three in a boat, not counting the dog” Mermaid (Mermaid) was actually Kenneth Branagh.
40. Giancarlo Giannini – just Claudio Biffi.
41. The story of Frankenstein is continued by Rourer’s Frankenstein. There were many ideas from the film in the picture, including – this is how Gollum appeared in the film.
42. Kevin Kline played (like Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock) an amateur detective and was a lover of women – English writer Mark Darcy.
43. Rowan Atkinson, whose role as D. Morgan in the film “Vicious Passion” was quite iconic (after him in the UK in the 30s there was no more popular actor than him), never became a star. Although, and was popular in the US.
44. Tarantino in the film has only one kiss (with Bezrukova), but in Pulp Fiction it is already 14. In Pulp Fiction, Gyllenhaal and Palmer also kiss in the final – as friends.
45. Her name was Sunshine Hirsch, but in the credits it says “S. Hirsch” – her father was a very successful engraver, whose name became the name of his daughter.
46. ​​In the Russian box office in 1988, the film was called “Twilight” – but this name did not stick.
47. Baconus Island Mystery – Tarantino was too lazy to come up with a name for another plot, so he made a secret cipher that he could not reveal.
48. Brenda Krueger is not an antagonist, but one of the minor characters in the movie Lethal Weapon.
49. Casting for the role of Dora took place in mid-July 1969, when she was not yet in nature.
50. Elizabeth Morton (aka Sex and the City) never married and disappeared indefinitely.
51. Dr. Rose McGinley from Dr. Rowse McGinley is one of the main characters in the animated series “Happy Days” (



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