Radios Kenwood Tk-480 Software Download ((NEW))













Radios Kenwood Tk-480 Software Download


TK-480: 800 MHz FM transceiver. • TK-481 : 900 MHz… Government law prohibits unlicensed radio operation… RBRC ram is an alternative. When choosing a radio transmitter that will operate in the range from 790 to 2500 MHz, in order to obtain a power of not more than 10 W, it is best to choose a transmitter of the TK-462 type. It can work on the same wavelength with the TA-001 transceiver. A diagram of such a transmitter is shown in fig. 3.32. The transmitter operates in AM mode (switches to automatic mode). The transmitter contains two circuits tuned to AM radio stations, and a quartz filter that provides operation in the range of 800 – 2500 MHz.



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